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Andrew Kishore’s Life, and Work at a Glance

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  • প্রকাশিত | বুধবার, ৮ জুলাই, ২০২০

Entertainment Desk:
Andrew Kishore is a prominent playback singer of the country who has won the hearts of millions of people with thousands of mind-blowing hit songs. Unlike stage performers, the vocalist Kishore hardly appeared in front of cameras, as his songs were mostly pre-recorded and lip-synced my film actors on the silver screen. Very few of us may know about the personal life, career, and accolades of Andrew Kishore. Read this article to know a little more about this precious songster of Bangladesh.

Andrew Kishore Biography
Early Life
Andrew Kishore was born to parents Khitish Chandra Baroi and Minu Baroi on 4th November in 1955 at Rajshahi in Bangladesh. He had two siblings Dr. Shikha Biswas and Peter Swapon Kumar Baroi. Kishore was Christian by birth.

Education and Music Training
In academic life, Andrew Kishore did a Master of Commerce in Management from Rajshahi University in 1977. At the age of six, Kishore started taking music lessons from Abdul Aziz Bachchu, who was the chief music director of Rajshahi Betar at that time. Since a young age, Kishore had a passion for media which lead him to stardom eventually.

Music Career
In the year of 1977, Andrew Kishore participated in a talent hunt project organized in Dhaka by Shahidul Islam, the then director of the Transcription Service of Bangladesh Betar. At the program, Kishore mesmerized the audience by the song Soheli O Soheli, composed by Debu Bhattacherjee. Recognizing his talent, Bangladesh Betar (formerly known as Radio Bangladesh) enlisted Kishore as a singer in categories of modern, folk, patriotic, Nazrul, and Tagore songs.

As a promising playback singer, Andrew Kishore debuted in the film industry by the movie titled ‘Mail Train (1977)’. His first playback song was ‘Ochinpurer Rajkumari Nei Je Tar Keu’, composed by Saley Alam Khan. The talented singer achieved first fame for the song ‘Ek Chor Jay Chole’ composed by Alam Khan in the movie ‘Protigga’ in 1979. After this breakthrough, Kishore had never looked back in his long music career.

Andrew Kishore is considered as the ‘Playback King’ of Bangladesh music industry who sang more than 15 thousands of heart touching songs. His versatile and melodious voice gave life to Bengali movie songs for several decades. He worked with Probaho Media, a production house that produces television commercials, drama, etc. Kishore also gave voice to songs in foreign languages.

People of Bangladesh will remember Kishore for many years for his remarkable single tracks including “Jiboner Golpo Achhe Baki Olpo”, “Amar Buker Moddhe Khane”, “Dak Diyachhen Doyal Amare”, “Haire Manush Rongin Fanush”, “Amar Shara Deho Kheyo Go Mati”, “Amar Babar Mukhe Prothom Jedin Shunechilam Gan”, “Bhengeche Pinjor Meleche Dana”, “Bhalobese Gelam Shudhu”, “Shobai To Bhalobasha Chae”, etc.

For his outstanding performance in the music industry, Kishore was crowned by precious accolades in his rich career. He won Bangladesh National Film Award eight times under ‘Best Male Playback Singer’ category for the films: Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo (1982), Surrender (1987), Khotipuron (1989), Padma Meghna Jamuna (1991), Kabul (1996), Aaj Gaye Holud (2000), Saajghor (2007) and Ki Jadu Korila (2008).

Kishore bagged the prestigious Bachsas Awards five times under the category of ‘Best Male Playback Singer’ for films Princes Tina Khan (1984), Shami Stri (1987), Premer Taj Mahal (2001), Mone Prane Acho Tumi (2008), and Golapi Ekhon Bilate (2010). Furthermore, his golden career was embellished by Meril Prothom Alo Award for three consecutive years (198-2000) under the ‘Best Singer Male’ category.

Personal Life
The notable vocalist Andrew Kishore walked down the aisle with Lipika Andrew (Eti) who is an engineer by profession. This couple has two children: one son named Jay Andrew (Saptok) and one daughter, Minim Andrew (Songa). Currently, their son has settled in Australia and the daughter in Canada.

Treatment & Death
Since 2018, Andrew Kishore had been suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a kind of cancer that originates in the Lymphatic system, leading to kidney and hormone-related disease. He received cancer treatment for 9 months in Singapore General Hospital. As the disease was untreatable, the singer returned to Bangladesh in June 2020 and spent his last days in Rajshahi. Leaving millions of fans and loving family behind, the legendary singer breathed his last on 6th July 2020 at a private clinic in Rajshahi at 64 years old.

Bottom Line
Andrew Kishore was one of the most respected, influential, and eminent vocalists of the country with thousands of famous songs. For his whole life, Kishore dedicated most of his talents to the music industry of Bangladesh. His songs are played on versatile media platforms like films, radio, television, live show, YouTube, etc. These songs will keep Kishore alive in the hearts of his fans for many years.

Andrew Kishore Biography

Life of Andrew Kishore at a Glance
Full Name: Andrew Kishore
Birth Date: November 04, 1955
Birthplace: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Death Date: July 6, 2020
Death Place: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Education: Rajshahi University
Occupation: Play Back Singer
Spouse (s): Lipika Andrew
Religion: Christian

Source: UNB


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