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May 30, 2023, 8:29 pm

“Meem and Bindu’s life has changed”

Kazi Mehbub Yasin Srijon:
  • Update Time | Friday, January 28, 2022,
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"They will give free training to create entrepreneurs in beauty industry"

Bindu and Meem, women of the third sex, have changed their lives by becoming entrepreneurs in the field of beauty. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. They were speaking at the first founding anniversary function of Trinayon Rupashilpa directed by Bindu and Meem at Madhabadi in Narsingdi.
On January 25 last year, with the help of journalists of Madhabadi Thana Press Club, the then Deputy Commissioner of Narsingdi and wise District Magistrate Syeda Farhana Kaunain, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Taslima Akter and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Shah Alam Miah worked together to improve the quality of life of transgender people. (Ratna) Two women entrepreneurs of the third gender were rehabilitated by setting up a beauty center called “Trinayon Rupashilpa”. As a result, the meme and the point of life have changed year by year. ” Entrepreneur.

At the time, Bindu said in a tearful voice, “Even though we are people of the third sex, we are happy with the family to erase the filth of the society. Today I have got the opportunity of employment with the overall support of Madhabadi Thana Press Club. I also remember every day and pray to Allah for Syeda Farhana Kunain Sir and Taslima Sir. He further said that the minimum price of beauty treatment at “Trinayon Rupashilpa” beauty center is from Rs. 500 to maximum Rs. 3,000. The same work costs 2 to 10 thousand rupees in Dhaka.
Sumi Akhter, manager of AB Bank Madhabadi branch, a woman entrepreneur who regularly practices beauty in the hands of Meem and Bindu in Trinayon Rupashilpa, said that she does not have to travel long distances from Madhabadi city to the capital. It is the pride and arrogance of women entrepreneurs like us.

Al-Amin, president of Madhabadi Thana Press Club, said, “There are many neglected people in our country. Considering this for us human beings, if the rich people stand by their side, life will change like a meme and a dot. On behalf of Madhabdi Thana Press Club, he expressed his gratitude to the Narsingdi district administration, Madhabdi municipal mayor, chamber president and others involved in improving the living standards of transgender people.

Here’s how the point-meme rehabilitation took place:
Ratna Sheikh alias Bindu of the third sex lives in Munshiganj and Meem Akhter lives in Kismat Baniadi village of Narsingdi Sadar upazila. About 11 years ago, Meem Akhter left home after suffering from social and family negative attitudes and mental abuse. After staying in Dhaka for some time, Meem went to India illegally. There he met Ratna alias Bindu of Munshiganj. After that they returned to the country with the training of beauty treatment.
Later, Meem Akhter returned to Narsingdi with Bindu, but the negative social and family outlook increased. As a result, they started raising money and living helplessly from house to house again. Society, including Meem’s family, was reluctant to accept them. At one stage, their lives are in dire straits. They run to save themselves from the filth of society. Suddenly one night Bindu and Meem were caught by the people of the society. Later that night, they were rescued by police and local journalists.
Later, through the journalists of Madhabadi Thana Press Club, the victims of negative attitude came to the notice of Meem and Bindur Sadar Upazila and Narsingdi District Administration. After seeing their efficiency, the administration took initiative to rehabilitate them. Later, with the funding of the district administration and the initiative of Madhabdi Thana Press Club, an exceptional beauty center called “Trinayon Rupashilpa” was set up at Islam Plaza on Bara Masjid Road in Madhabdi municipal town. The then Deputy Commissioner Syeda Farhana Kaunin officially inaugurated the beauty center on January 25 last year.

-Kazi Mehbub Yasin Srijon: DHAKA24

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