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Evaly MD wants to resign after abusive remarks by customers - Dhaka 24 | Most Popular News | Breaking News | English | Bangla
November 30, 2022, 10:48 am

Evaly MD wants to resign after abusive remarks by customers

Economics-Business Desk:
  • Update Time | Saturday, February 5, 2022,

Evaly Managing Director (MD) Mahbub Kabir Milon said he wants to resign after receiving abusive remarks on social networking sites by the company’s customers.

Milon said this through a Facebook post on Thursday night.

Earlier, Evaly authorities called for an auction of the company-owned vehicles. The notice created agitation among customers and merchants.

Protesting the move, they demanded the resignation of the High Court appointed chairman and MD of the e-commerce platform on social media where the customers and merchants left abusive comments.

The post read– “Only the managing director will decide whether the company will run or go bankrupt. This is clearly stated in the order of the honorable High Court division. If the company has the slightest chance to run, the managing director will not decide to put millions of people on the road without trying it.”

Mahbub Kabir claimed in the post that he did not even drink a cup of tea with the company’s money. He was running the office without pay. And he would continue to work for the welfare of the people till the day he gets out of Evaly..

“Keep on abusing me so that I can get out quickly,” he said.

On Thursday, Evaly announced the sale of cars through an open auction.

Mahbub said the auction is being held as per the decision of the board. The money from the sell will be spent on office management and other related affairs.

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