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September 25, 2022, 5:01 pm

‘Without reforms, Bangladesh’s GDP could fall below 4% by 2035’

World Bank, in a study, has found three obstacles to Bangladesh’s economic reform. Without massive reforms, Bangladesh’s gross domestic product (GDP) could fall below 4 percent by 2035, it said. The three obstacles are: declining More news

PM stresses integration of women in decision-making process

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today laid emphasis on the integration of women in decision-making process, saying that it is important to have them in leadership team to reflect on the solutions and benefit from their

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Yerevan says Baku occupying 10 km sq of Armenian territory after clashes

Armenia said Wednesday that Azerbaijan’s forces were occupying 10 square kilometres (almost four square miles) of its territory after the worst clashes in years broke out between the historic rivals, leaving dozens dead. “The enemy

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France sees record heat for September

France saw record temperatures for September hit the country, notably the south west, amid a heatwave drifting up from Morocco, the Meteo-France weather service said Monday. The thermometer hit 39.1 degrees Celsius (102.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

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King Charles, William and Harry walk together behind queen’s coffin

King Charles, his sons Princes William and Harry and other senior royals joined a solemn procession taking Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as the late monarch made her final journey from Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. Huge crowds

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